Preparing for the Holidays

Oh it Snowed, oh it snowed, oh it snowed!!!!

The area got hit with an early heavy snow Thursday evening through Friday morning, blanketing the museum in snow just in time for Preparing for Winter, aka Preparing for the Holidays. It was quite the sight to see the bed of snow covered in leaves and pine needles. The snow came before the trees had fully given up the last of their leaves.

Before long the village was filled with families out for this special day. It was nice to see the snow and mud did not deter many and didn’t dampen moods. It helps that the museum takes such good care of paths.

Inside Foster it was cozy, warm, and welcoming. Meg and I set up the pinking machine in the kitchen along with Sharon, who was working on dressing Genny.

Meg had wanted to tag along to show off the pinked tiers of her skirt.

I precut 2+ yards of black silk taffeta to pink first. I made over 20 yards of 2.5 inch and 1 inch black trim. Then I did a few rows of a beautiful pearly blue silk taffeta for a winter hood. Then I finished off with a large piece of black and blue check silk taffeta. I have no idea how much of this there is.


The dining room and kitchen were filled with visitors almost consistantly. I was pleased with how the pinker went over. There was a balance of interest between adults and children, men and women. We talked about the timeline of pinking, patents of the era, how the trim was used, and the mechanics of the machines.

Here, Meg helps show off the blue and black trim.

Honey came to nap and visit. She is a very sweet cat, who I understand does a very good job.


This was my first time getting ready in period clothes at the new place. It was also the first time trying to do up my shorter hair. I realized I forgot about accessories this morning. I know which box those are in, I just couldn’t reach it. So, no jewelry for me. My hair went okay. I am going to make some new rats to roll the back over.

When I got home, my new phone/camera tripod was waiting. I ordered it so I could do videos of me working. So, here is something completely different, a post event video of me:


I failed to get a single photo of me. I also failed to get a decent video of pinking despite a few attempts. Oooppps

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