Domestic Skills Symposium – Part 2

The third day of the Symposium was my workshop day. This year’s workshop was “A Band of Millinete.” This workshop was all about making the foundations for headdresses.

Each attendee received wire, fasteners, buckram, crinoline, a handout packet full of references, and yards of Hyman Hendler ribbon. The goal was to make 4 foundations and one finished headdress.

I was over ambitious.

I had figured we would make all the foundations before lunch. Then, have fun making the flurfy ribbon headdress after lunch.

Not so much.

Somewhere around 2 most people were starting their 4th piece or their finished piece. I don’t think a single person finished.

I have discovered I do not like ending a class without attendees having finished peices to feel proud of and take home. I miss having that “lookmat what we did” feeling and photo.

So. This will be a major planning factor in future workshops.

I do think people still enjoyed it and learned some things.

I already have heard requests for next years: theorum shell pin cushions and bonnet/hat stands. We shall see….

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