September Update

I have been struggling with what to write and when to write ever since my “New Plan” post at the beginning of August. Let’s be real, that post wasn’t so much about “new plans” as it was about the decimation of plans. I decided to put the information on moving into the September Updates post so there would be some resemblance of normalcy, even if it is just for me.

Our new place is just 8 or so miles from our previous, in the town I went to school in. The place is the antithesis of what the old place originally was: modern, complex, neighbors, blacktop verses hardwood, private, treed, animals, shade, quiet. There are several advantages to the new place:

  • There are closets and storage. A pantry, a linen closet, bedroom closets, coat closet, utility closet….
  • There are electric outlets, more than just 2 per room.
  • There are screens on the windows.
  • Best we can tell, the lights should not flicker and the circuit breaker won’t blow when we run the microwave.
  • I am hoping I will no longer burn my hands when I wash dishes. (Hot hot and cold being the only options)
  • The tub and shower, yup we have both, ought to be constructed right and actually drain.
  • Oh, and we have a new fangled thing called a dishwasher.

There are many things I will miss abput the old place. But, the reality is most of these things have been wittled away already.

  • Quiet privacy
  • Shade from beautiful old trees
  • Cats to say hello each day
  • Ghosts, both human and feline
  • Squirrels all named George, deer herd and fawn twins, groundhog family
  • Being able to walk to the fabric shop

Moving forward….

I am still trying to sort things out both physically and mentally. I would really like to dive back into all the projects. But, I think I need to focus on what is coming up and choose a mental health project of some sort.

The Agricultural Society Fair is coming up October 6th and 7th. I have two lonely pieces to enter this year. I am hoping to still do a demonstration of new domestic inventions/tools, including the punking machines.

Following, the weekend of November 3rd, is the Domestic Skills Symposium when I will be doing my Band of Millinette workshop that I am excited about. This program needs a lovely PowerPoint and some handouts to go with their supply kits.

What the mental health project will be, I am not sure. I need something that will slow me down and help me center while bringing back some joy. I want to feel how I did in July.


Eventually, I will get back to the projects the got dropped two months ago. There will be a winter hood book. There will be a Godey’s Dolls book. There will be straw millinery. There may be winter millinery. There will be more videos. There will be new FanU projects.

Thank you all for your patience, both in waiting for items and for listening to me whine and vent.

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  1. I’m happy to hear you got a place, but sad to hear it’s SO modern. Yeah, there Are advantages, but… lol
    Hopefully, things will return to “normal” soon. Moving is such a beast!

  2. Even good changes are stessful for me but I enjoy the cleansing once they are complete. New routines develop and before long the frustrations of the old routines fade away. I have been trying to downsize for some time now with mixed results. Sometimes I go full ahead and make great progress and then hit a roadblock from health issues. That is frustrating!
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new place once all the moving and unpacking is over. After a while you’ll quit holding your breath whenever the microwave is used. Pace yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

  3. Thank you for the update! I’m so happy you have a place! Enjoy those newfangled gadgets! I know it takes a long time to adjust, unpack, reorganize–I hope everyone will be patient and understanding.

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