The event two weekends ago reminded me how much I have wanted a footstool for sewing. Many paintings show women with their feet up on a foot stool while sewing. Some are petite. Some are large. Some are plain wood. Some are painted. Some are embroidered. You get the idea…. There is a lot of variety.

Here is my developing pin board of paintings with stools.

I was indecisive on what kind of stool I wanted. Painted wood would got with my chairs. A simple woven one would be easy to make and be versitile for multiple interpretations. One with a needlework top would be so much fun to make.

Each of these involved making…. Be it painting, weaving, or embroidery and assembly.

So, when I stopped at an antique shop on the way home from Saturday’s event and saw two potential stools for less than it would cost to make either, logic said choose one. One was a simple, small woven top one much like the kind available in kits from $19.95 – $29.95. While I still think these would be a great project to do with some of the kids, I opted for the other stool.

Needlework top that lools a lot like Berlin Work to me. Familiar legs. Screws on the underside that look right. I suspect it is early 20th century. The lines are right though.

It stands 7″ on the sides. So, maybe 8″ in the center. It is pretty firm, not squishy. It may get a little pillow on top to add softness and protect the needlework. It is 14.5″ by 12.5″

By the way, this is Clara approved.

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  1. I like it. I keep thinking about getting something like that for home, but haven’t found exactly what I want yet.

  2. A question for you: what about the flatter folding wooden “funeral chairs”? How far back do they go? These were taken to the homes where viewing and funerals when they were conducted. I have two that I use because they are more comfortable for my knees and back when in corset and dress. They are a bit higher and much easier to get up from than period correct style chairs.
    Carol Foote
    Chief Matron, Dietary Kitchen,
    2nd. Div. Field Hospital, Army of the West

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