Capote de Paille??

Nearly two years ago to today I was looking into a bonnet shape a woman called a “capote”. Last night, while sharing the black straw piece I made, I was asked what a capote is.

During the Regency era, the capote seems to be a petite bonnet that hugs the head. Sometimes it stops close to the face. Sometimes it extends just beyond. Most often capotes are described as silk or another soft material. Occasionally we see a ” Capote de Paille” or a capote of straw. Here is a lovely example of a Capote de Paille.

Google translate likes to translate “capote” as “hood.” Visually, this sorta works for the Regency era pieces. But, is doesn’t quite work when we proceed into the century when pieces are clearly bonnets. In the upper right corner we see two 1840s-50s bonnets called capotes, translated as hoods.

Here are several examples of the shape requested two years back.

I have made a few of these since they were requested. Note: The black straw is currently available in my shop.

Here is another take on the Capote.

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