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A question about Leghorn bonnets and hats made me think it would be a nice time to remind everyone of all the publications I currently offer. I realize new readers may not know about each of them. 

From Field to Fashion: The Straw Bonnet looks at the types of straw and plait used to make mid-nineteeth century straw bonnets and hats. FFtF is available in my Etsy Shop as an eBook

Fanciful Utility is an instructive book walking you through making Victorian sewing cases and needle-books. It is packed full of templates and projects. Fanciful Utility is available from ESC Publishing at www.thesewingacademy.com

Paisley, Plaid, and Purled discusses shawls of the mid-Victorian era, including the styles, sizes, and how they were worn. It also has directions for making your own accurate shawls. PP&P is available in my Etsy Shop as an eBook

To Net, or Not to Net: Revisited is my newest book, diving deep into the hair nets of the Civil War era. This book looks at the types of hair nets, how they were made, and how they were worn. TNNtN is available in my Etsy Shop as an eBook. 

I would love to have readers share their thoughts on these books.  

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