Things I Think I Need to Make

You know how you have random things running around in your head and need to get them out of your head?

Well, this is that.

Random things I think I need to make….

  • A couple or a few linen market wallets – Carrying on my shoulders is a whole lot easier right now. This will be for going into and out of the village. Not visitor times, but still will make my life easier.
  • Something lovey and sweet. There’s a thing. It’s a heart crushing thing.
  • An apron with pockets for my straw. There is something just a bit humorous about sewing away, then standing up to answer a question only to have the straw on my lap fall on the floor. Then having it happen moments later. Apron… with pockets.
  • The dress I started, the one with the red stripe. That needs a bodice. Then the bodice needs sleeves.
  • A box for buckles and belts with buckles. Or, is it buckles with belts? Anyway. One, organized place for all of them to go, be, and return to. I am estimating a rectangle, the width of a neatly folded belt with buckle, by a length suited to three or four folded belts long and a couple or few belts tall. Plus, lid.
  • That linen duffel bag I said I was going to make…. then forgot I was going to make… then was reminded about as I was pondering the above mentioned market wallet.
  • Hat/bonnet stands. These should be assembled this week and awaiting the paint decision.
  • The pillows. I’m supposed to be making pillows from the pretty blue fabric. It is soft and lovely.
  • Cat tent. Or, did that get on hold because she got her awesome box fort? ….. Eegads, my cat has her own fabric stash.

Thank you for the brain dump. I suppose this could be considered an extension of the earlier May update.


Stands assembled an hour after the post. Not bad. 

Adding reweaving this doll chair to the list. 

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