Goblin Bonnets of Every Age

1855Excerpt from The Milliner’s Dream’ or, The Wedding- Bonnet, by Alice B. Neal (Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1855.)

“Goblin bonnets of every age and shape flitted before her, and jeered her lack of invention. They floated their tags and streams gayly in her face; they peered curiously at her from over her shoulders, or, joining hands, danced through the air in mocking pantomime.

“”Nothing new, nothing new,” seemed to be the burden of their mimic shapes and gestures, while a crushed, frayed, and faded apparition, arrayed in a mode long since forgotten, whispered in a shrill, melancholy voice –

“All is vanity and vexation of spirit.”


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  1. “Goblin bonnets”! I love it! Only issue is, I know I’m going to end up applying variants of this term to many projects of mine!

    Such an interesting illustration, too – they don’t all look to be contemporary to the publication date. I found myself trawling through my downloads of Godey’s from archive.org to find the image, and ended up trying to see how many different styles I could spot and identify.

    Annie, UK

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