How Many Buckle are Too Many Buckles?

Yah. Well. Hmmm….

A pretty buckle arrived today. This is an original Gutta Percha buckle I spontaneously bought last week when I saw it really labeled for a fraction of what Gutta Percha pieces usually are. It is actually, likely a pressed horn buckle. Elizabeth painted out the layers on the back. I can confirm there are definitely layers and the beginning of flaking on the back 

I am looking forward to being able to show it alongside the beautiful reproduction Gutta Percha buckle I have by Elizabeth Aldridge. I thought it would be cool to show two with such similar motifs together. (I am envisioning a nifty display of originals and quality reproductions somewhere sometime in the future.) 


I do have a fondness for buckles. I do think I’ve pushed that line of too many. Here are a few that I have. I really wanted to share a petite pressed metal one I particularly like. I just can’t seem to find it. I like the lean line and delicate flowers on it. 

I also have nearly all of reproduction J.R. buckles exclusively offered by Ensembles of the Past. I really do have all but one, the Fleur pattern in silver, gold, black, and bronze, the Bee pattern in silver, gold, and black. 

I keep a stash of Mother of Pearl slide buckles in my sewing box for those just in case fashion emergencies. 

When looking through my blog photos , I discovered that Apparently I put together this montage of slide buckles last year just before going into the hospital. I don’t think I ever did anything with it. It seems appropriate to share it here.


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