Alas, The Cost of Straw

I am not sure how to approach this. So, I am just going to put it out there without any sugar coating:

The cost of straw keeps going up.

Right now, hanks are running about double what they did a few years ago when the price and shipping are combined. One hank makes two to four bonnets or hats, depending on the plait width and the finished piece. I have tried to make this minimally effecte the price I am putting on my pieces so far this year. You may have noticed each hat I have listed has been $100, un-decorated. Bonnets will be a little more when I start making them.

This is a very lean price considering the quarter to half hank each hat or bonnet takes, combined with the hand sewing time, blocking and research.

On the upside – I just ordered two new colors =- a lovely peach and a deep, walnuty brown – that will arrive in a few weeks. I am hoping to get two bonnets out of each $50 hank. I am also hoping I will be able to get more of each.

Here are the colors in addition to the natural straw and black color, the last two being the new ones:


In case you are wondering…..

Yes, I can get cheaper straw. There is a reason it is cheaper. There are breaks. There are bad joins. There are sections of unusable braiding. There is mold. So, basically – That isn’t happening.

Yes, I can get modern, paper, and synthetic braids. I bought a bunch last year. I don’t like working with them for anything besides doll pieces.  So – That isn’t happening.

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  1. I like the green straw. Could you make me a wide garden hat with that

  2. Thanks Margo. I won’t be adding anyone to my request list until I am caught up on last year’s. I have folks from last July still waiting.

  3. That peach is lovely. Can’t wait to see what it becomes. As far as prices rising, unfortunately, it happens. While I don’t deal with the straw, I do with fabric and it’s hard to find nice fabrics that are reasonable. Gone are the days when we could get nice fabrics for under $10 a yard. For the work you put into these bonnets and hats, I think your prices are very reasonable.

  4. I love the walnuty brown! I understand that supply prices go up, and since your work is fabulous, we will just have to save a bit more!

  5. Your creations are associated with quality. That means using quality supplies. If that means a little extra has to be forked out, on your part and the customer’s, then so be it. It’s worth it.

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