Don’t Feed The…..

A comment in a FB discussion has prompted me to reboot this post. This is important.
Please be aware of those with food allergies and sensitivities at events. It was just brought to my attention that some people are bringing coconut water to events and putting that in their pitchers. This could be very bad for someone with a coconut allergy.

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

[Adding: If you don’t want to know the personal stuff, skip the italics.]

For a few weeks I’ve been occasionally thinking about writing a post about food at events and those many of us that have food issues. I kept pushing it back as silly. But, between a quasi-recent FB post about someone having food issues at an event, a less recent FB discussion about children needing allergy identifiers and today’s ALFAM post regarding interpreting butchering, I think I am going to go ahead and write a little something.

Past experiences make me want to make a yearly statement of:

Don’t get pissed off or offended if I don’t eat your food.

I have food issues. I am a long, long term, nearly 30 year vegetarian. This means I do not have the enzymes to digest meat, meat products, meat by-products, meat juices, meat flavorings, etc. I also have trouble…

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