April’s Update

I am finally in full swing for the spring straw season. So far, I’ve been focusing on hats. I was going to start bonnets. But, it has been hats, hats, hats. That’s just the mood I am in. Here is a recap of what I’ve made so far:

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I was so excited to attend GCVM’s opening of Victoria’s Closet in the Wehle Gallery. This year’s Closet exhibit focuses on the 1840s. The displays are packed full of clothing and accessories of the era.

I am not getting quite as many millinery pieces made as I planned because I am deep into a new e-publication focusing on the Dolls of Godey’s Lady’s Book. This book will cover the many fun doll projects from Godey’s, from those in the youth department to the imaginative recreations using dolls. This started out as a mini-book idea, but has evolved into a larger project that will be packed full of fun.

_20180327_175408I decided to start offering a pinking service I still need to decide on the pricing. I am leaning towards a base amount plus yardage.

While awaiting the predicted ice storm, I set the skirt of my red stripe dress. Sure, it’s a plaid but it is all about that red stripe. I figured the hand sewing for the skirt was a good option with the heightened likelihood that the power was going out. It didn’t go out. I went a little extra low with the guaging stay stitches because I want the attention on the stripe. We will see how that looks on my body. I need to remember where I put the red wool hem tape. Taking this photo actually gave me an idea for the sleeves. I was going to go with a simple funnel. But, now, I am picturing something slim through the top to just above or below the elbow. Then the lower being full with guaging controlling the fullness. Or, that original funnel idea with a section along the top of my arm from my armscye to my elbow gathered in tight, then let to flare from the elbow down. I have to see if something like this exsisted. (And exsisted in a cotton)

I am also working on a new component to my millinery shop display I do at the museum. Here is a peek at what I’ve been acquiring. Any guesses? 

I have a myriad of other projects running circles in my head. I am not sure what will get done or when: new hat stands, painting chairs, giving a border shawl a new center, the dolls’ millinery or closet, repairing Dan’s trunk, another hanging organizer for the work box…..

Coming in May (how can it be May already?)

  • I don’t have a whole lot on the schedule for May because I get really busy at work this month and the next. But, there are some events in the area….
  • May 12th is Opening Day at the Genesee Country Village and Museum. Traditionally, this is Mother’s Day weekend. This year, they also are hosting the Hooked on History program.
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