Straw Bonnet Fashion Descriptions

If I Had My Own Blue Box:

From Harper’s Monthly and Harper’s Weekly


June 1850 – Open-work straw bonnets, of different colors, are adopted for the earlier summer wear, trimmed with branches of lilac, or something appropriate… Many of the straw bonnets are of dark-colored ground, ornamented with fine open straw work.

April 1851 – Fashions for Spring – Straw bonnet – Figure 4 shows an elegant style of a straw flat for little miss, trimmed in connection with the tie, with several folds of satin. The only external ornament is a long ostrich feather sweeping gracefully around the front of the crown, and falling upon the side of the brim.

July 1851 – Rice straw bonnet; a very small open brim, the interior trimmed with tufts of red and yellow roses and their foliage, and white brides. The exterior of the bonnet is decorated with a wreath of the same flowers intermixed with thin foliage…

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