Belated February Update 

February flew buy more so than any other month. Before I knew it, I completely missed my monthly update. 

Let’s see, February. I didn’t get started on straw season as planned. We didn’t go on our birthday & anniversary get away as planned. Both due to a stressful domestic twist. But, I did get my wool rug finished and I did finish To Net, or Not to Net: Revisited. 

March is off to a good start. It is what, the 4th? So far…. I’ve launched the new book and been asked to serve on the district Superintendent interview committee. This weekend has been filled with a great day judging for National History Day followed by sewing a bunch of walnut thimble holders, lots of Clara cuddling, making Milli and Marie a pair of belts with vintage buckles and….. many will be happy to hear, today I sewing straw for a special project. This isn’t quite millinery for the shop. But it is straw and it is millinery. 

Here are some of the walnuts: 

I was planning to get some writing done for a mini-book project. But, I was distracted by a couple boxes of family photos. Look I was young once:

I really do like the photos Dad took of me more than “formal” ones like this. Yawn. 

I can’t share photos of the special straw project, but I can share the cuteness of Clara… 

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  1. So glad Clara is better!

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