Corset Can-Do

Several times a year, concerns about what can’t be done in a corset comes up. Reality is a well fitted, nineteenth century corset supports the body, it does not restrict it.  Here are some photos of what can be done while wearing a corset with a DDD bust. (Please note this is well before the recent abdominal damage which give me shoe trouble without a corset.) Oh, I should say this was with a small cage too.

Moving and position a wagon. This was up hill at one point.


volunteer day 002

Moving a wagon full of corn from said wagon to the corncrib.IMGP1881[1]

Building a rail fence including moving the rocks, which were on the ground.


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  1. When I click on to read more, it can’t be found. Even when I click on the trouble with the link option. Did you remove the post?
    Autumn Buckner
    On Jan 5, 2018 11:03 PM, “If I Had My Own Blue Box:” wrote:
    > Anna Worden Bauersmith posted: “Someone posted a fun video of her daughter > dancing as she got ready for an event, dancing in her corset. The video was > followed by a few comments about it being difficult to put shoes on with a > corset and being g large busted with a corset. Well, here are” >

  2. I’m not sure what happened. It should be there.

  3. I love proving to folks (nicely) that things can be done in a corset. I’m generally in the kitchen at Sutter’s Fort and show them how easy I can do things – lifting pots, picking something up off the floor and just general movements. When I tell them it is similar to the back belts that the folks at Home Depot or Lowes wear, the lightbulb goes on!

    When I first tried to read this, nothing came up for me either, but this morning it is just fine.

  4. Hi Anna,
    I love the photos! That looks hard work! Is there meant to be a link to the YouTube video that you mention?
    Best wishes,

  5. The video was one someone shared on Facebook. It didn’t have a link I could grab at the time with my tablet.

  6. Ah! Thank you for replying so quickly, Anna! I will see if I can find it by searching YouTube 🙂
    Best wishes,

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