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This is one of those sensitive posts. I acknowledge it may cause me to lose some customers/clients and readers. Reading another writer’s post has convinced me to stick to my beliefs and hit the “publish” button.

I firmly believe spiritual, religious, and personal beliefs and ethics come before reenacting ideals, as do health needs. For me, this includes not eating meat or meat products, not wearing furs, and greatly minimizing the wearing of leather.  This can have additional or other meanings for friends and clients.

This stance manifests itself in a few ways those who attend events with me and those who are client, or potential clients, should be aware.

As a general rule, I will not use furs on my millinery pieces. This is especially true of any furs even possibly originating overseas. On the very, very rare chance, as in once in a thousand, I will consider the use of a fur I know the history of. As in I know who killed it, how it was killed, and how it was treated. At the same time, I will not use an inaccurate replacement for fur.

I will not use gelatin based sizing for my personal millinery nor the millinery of anyone I know keeps Kosher. I’ve been told the gelatin is vegetable based. But, I am just not taking any chances as I respect the beliefs of my clients. I invite anyone who is concerned about this for a particular piece to ask me.


~ I also have a difficult time selecting feathers. I have a small stash of those gifted to me that I will eventually use. When purchasing I can’t help but think about their giver’s care.

~ Yes, I acknowledge this is presentism.

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  1. If you lose people over this, it would be a shame. Your work is done very well. I think your views and beliefs are just as important as anyone elses. As one of the head cooks at Sutter’s Fort, if I know of an issue – allergy, doesn’t eat something in particular and such, I will do what I can to fix something they can eat…. two main problems are kosher and vegan – I don’t know enough about either one to be of help. I appreciate your candor on the matter and hope everyone will understand.

  2. Yay for you! I am very glad to know there are others who are brave enough to stand up for their beliefs when it goes against the common trends. It seems there is pressure everywhere to do as others do instead of as we believe. I also don’t eat meat and don’t like the use of furs, although I do prefer leather shoes from the standpoint my feet sweat too much, which results in problems for me.

  3. I respect your ethical choice. I wouldn’t kill an animal so that I can wear its fur— nor would I support that’s being done today. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have a problem recycling fur from garments worn by my grandmother 80 years ago– and lovingly preserved,

  4. I’m feeling compelled to comment. Your Ethics are Important. Personal. Valid. Necessary. Yours. You are in charge of You. You are upfront about your position. If someone can’t accept YOUR Ethical Stance, well, that is Their Issue. Just saying.

  5. No, Anna, you are not practicing presentism! I did a very quick search and found the Wikipedia article, “History of Vegetarianism.” Page down to the 19th century. The American Vegetarian Society was founded in 1850 by the Rev. William Metcalfe and Sylvester Graham (of graham cracker fame). Henry David Thoreau (of “Walden” fame) was a vegetarian. Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the Seventh Day Adventist church in1863, advocated vegetarianism.
    You have lots of 19th century company!

  6. Sonny is with you too. He will only eat pig (don’t ask) but is quite adamant ithat other animals are NOT ok. Others were quite amused at his reaction to the coolers of frozen turkeys at the grocery store this week.

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