Upgrade in Process

What does it say that just this week, this first of November, this 44th week of the year, I am finally getting around to last spring’s task of upgrading my blog. Simultaneously, I am attempting to sort some non-history posts, moving them to Don’t Paint the Cat*, firming up the future posts plan, and learning about the quirks of the new domain paralleling the old domain – http://www.annaworden.com .

WordPress tells me there will be some days of instability as the conversion stuff behind the scenes takes place. My understanding is that the links to pages with the original base url will auto-redirect to those with the new base url. Fingers crossed. I am really, really hoping this change doesn’t mess people’s links to my blog up.

*btw, if you don’t know about Don’t Paint the Cat, this is modern crafty blog and home of the doll projects.

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