Please, Don’t

I respectfully request those who have purchased, or otherwise acquired,  any of my patterns Do Not make these pieces for sale.

You will notice each patterns has a copyright statement as well as a personal request regarding the proper use of my research and work.

To make and sell pieces from a published, for sale pattern not only infringes on copyright and intellectual property rights, it takes money from the writer’s/milliner’s pocket. This is especially true when your knock-offs are being sold at a fraction of the price the writer/milliner is selling his or her pieces for.

btw – Regardless of how well or how poorly you sew, I can recognize pieces made from my pattern. In fact, most period milliners and pattern makers can recognize each other’s work.

**Please note that I absolutely hate that I have to post this.**


As a milliner, there are milliners and artisans I both respect and recommend. If I do not offer what you need, I suggest the following: (I may be forgetting some in my haste.)

  • Timely Tresses – Danielle offers a wide range of nineteenth century millinery, patterns and publications.
  • Pam Robles makes simple stunning pieces.
  • Vivian Murphy hand works her woven straw bonnets. These are available in a limited number each year.
  • Jamie Quick is making beautiful hoods based on original patterns. She has an eye for detail. Find her work on Etsy as barnyardbiddy
  • Holly Ray makes beautiful, detail focused evening headdresses. Find her work on Etsy as thedoctorsstitches
  • Kathey Kelly Hunt makes a variety of headwear with a focus on unique for era.
  • Knit hoods and headwear with sound research and techniques can be found on Etsy as RuedelaPaixRepros. I also like the knitting work of Deborah Hyland.
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