Out of the Box Millinery

With the work-in-progress, Wintering Warmly, I have decided it is finally time to give you a sneak peek at some of the winter hoods and bonnets that may be appearing in the book.

A nice round dozen glimpses sounds good.

These are some of the winter hoods I purchased in the past couple months, a fraction of the pieces that I need to photograph fully. These photos are as they came out of their shipping boxes (or envelops as some of them arrived) of just before they went into their archival box for the first time. The book itself will cover 75 years of winter hoods, spanning from roughly 1825 through the end of the century, focusing on sewn hoods, ie quilted and wadded hoods.

*A portion of these were formerly the collection of another collector. I have the honor of now giving them a home. 

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  1. They’re lovely! I look forward to reading all about them.

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