Reflections on Personal Event Safety 

Much of this was written Saturday night in the midst of trying to touch base with friends at Cedar Creek.  I was trying really hard not to post my thoughts beyond current concern for people, some who I have known half my life, others only a short time.

This morning, Sunday, there are many more people talking about what happened with official and non-official accounts. There is also a great deal of anger and speculation. This post isn’t going to be about that. I have a couple groups of thoughts – personal safety,  event safety and a bit about finances.

I feel the aspects of personal and event safety apply to potential event emergencies, both those made by humans and mother nature. Any event, large or small, regional or local, can potentially face tornadoes, flash flood, fire, and other emergencies.

About personal safety – Several people have mentioned tonight how they do not have various essentials on them. I am now going to begin advocating wearing a separate pocket worn under the crinoline or petticoats containing non-period essentials. This adjustment is for personal safety in many kinds of emergencies, including sudden weather changes as well. (Another event this weekend faced a doozy of a storm.) Personal essentials could include:

  • Identification
  • Car keys
  • Medications
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medical reference form
  • A high protein snack
  • Cell phone for communication

Here is an old set of directions for making a pocket. They are ridiculously easy.

About event safety – I know you see some of us post about registering before an event and how it helps with planning. We get brushed off all too often. But, this right here is one of the other reasons why accurate registration numbers and records are so important. Coordinators need to know how many people are on site in case of an emergency,like this one. They need to be able to communicate this information to emergency response teams.
A couple things on finances – Please notice how this is going to effect the merchants who make this their livelihood or whose business is a notable portion of personal budget.

Each merchant/sutler that was at the event this weekend has lost significant sales from about 24 of heavy sales and orders time. While this may not seem like much, this can make or break some merchants. Going to large events is costly. Those in attendance I know of: Corner Clothiers with Timely Tresses, Button Baron, Civil War Lady, Mac)

In the coming months, sadly I suspect people will decide this hobby or field is not for them. (I do not wish to discuss personal choices here.) This will continue to effect the sales merchants will have. I expect to lose some quality merchants and artisans within the next year.

Please, consider supporting the merchants at the event and your favorite merchants through the winter.

Also about finances – This is about planning ahead more than speculation please. I expect there to be some changes in the cost of hosting and attending events, due to increasing insurance and security. This is understandable. The increased cost may influence the cancellation or significant changes in some events. I am aware of one small event that had to change from live interpretation to an inside presentation format. It may be advantageous to plan ahead both for a monetary increase in registration and a diversified presentation style.

Okay, that all said, my heart is heavy. So many friends, including long term friends, were potentially in danger ladt night. I am so grateful to those who worked through the night to ensure their safety. 

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  1. I, too, along with many others, spent the night making sure all my friends were safe and accounted for. As someone with a serious medical condition, I always have at least some of what you have suggested in a pocket. However, you have given me more food for thought. Thanks Anna! Your posts are always filled with new knowledge or something that gets me thinking.

  2. I just read the article about what happened! I’m so glad everyone is ok. I guess it was a good thing that I couldn’t make it to Cedar Creek this year. It never occurred to me that something like this was a possibility. Thanks for sharing your views with us.
    ~ Megan Joy

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