2017 Agricultural Society Fair – Part 1

In January I had quite the list of things to make for this year’s fair. The list included a sewn rug using an early chenille technique, a silk crazy quilt in Clara size, an embroidered net veil, and a beaded pence jug. There were also some smaller items on the list too. 

Well, with the great medical distraction of the year, none of those items were finished. Only two were even started. 

This year’s entries had to be picked from what I had made in the past year. To be completely honest, I feel as un-thrilled about this group of entries as I do about my accomplishments of the year. 

Here are the two winter hoods and sunbonnet I did enter. The wool hood placed, but I don’t feel like it should have placed over another piece in the category. I’ll show you that part 2. I also entered two of the crochet pieces I’ve been making as part of my evening relaxation. They were just to make the form feel more complete. I am not a good crocheter. I can not follow directions. Likely the stitch I used isn’t even a real stitch. Buy, the Christmas hat for Dan has a matching one for Clara. 

I did display one of the upcoming projects I will be featuring on my blog. These are spool holders. 

I also displayed the pin cushions we will be making in my Sunday workshop during this year’s Symposium. Attendees will get a chance to make strawberry, acorn, walnut, and seashell pin cushions.

Mom entered an assortment of cooking and canning items:

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