Winter’s Ahead

Winter is coming once again. Locally, I am hearing this could be quite the winter. 

Just so you know, I am not a fan of cold and ice and snow. But, one thing I do like is historic winter wear, from quilted petticoats to quilted bonnets. There is something about the comfort of soft fluffiness. 

I am all stocked up on beautiful silks and some lovely wools for this season. Sara, from Ensembles of the Past (check out her Etsy shop) and I had fun picking out this array of silks: 

I was smitten with this pink plaid. 

When I saw this green, with its tiny jacquard, I knew it had to be a hood, or two. 

Don’t worry, I have plenty of black silk as well. I have an ivory wool coming to goo with the black wool already here. 

I will be making a couple different styles of winter bonnets and hoods based on originals in my collection. That collection had some notable additions this year including a private collection I have the honor of giving a continued home. 

Look for warm winter wear soon. Or, should I say Warm Winter Wear? 

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