Fill the Box Game!

It has been a while since I’ve hosted a game. This one should be especially fun. 

I just listed this sewing box in my Etsy shop. ***To make this more fun, I will be adjusting the price each time I add something new!*** There will still be shipping. 

I will be “filling” the sewing box with goodies, at least once a day, sometimes much more often. “Filling” is in quotes because as I get going, not everything will fit in the box. I will post the new additions here. I may also post about them on Facebook as time allows. 

The box can be purchased at any time during the game. The purchaser gets the box and everything that has been added up to that point! 

About the box: This handsewn box has been one of the most popular items in my Etsy shop. At 4″ long, it travels easily while holding your sewing essentials. The fabric is a green cotton with pretty pink Paisleys. It ties closed with silk ribbon. 

The first additions! 

Every sewing box needs a pair of scissors. This pair of scissors is nearly identical in design to an original pair I have. Of course, if you have scissors, you need a scissors case to protect the point. This is a handsewn wool case.

Next addition! (8pm Thursday) 

What is a sewing box without needles?! Here are two vintage packets of needles. 

Good morning! 

If you are going to have a sewing box, you are going to need something to sew. This morning I am add-in this starter roll of fabrics. Each piece of cotton fabric is in a period appropriate print, excellent for FanU projects, a little quilt, or a search book. 

This afternoon I’ve added black tailor’s chalk. This is the waxy kind. Tailor’s chalk is incredibly useful for marking fabric for cutting. You never have to worry about breaking a pencil tip! Plus, I’ve decided to added to the fun by changing the box price each time I add something! 

Saturday day morning’s addition is a vintage spool of thread. This white spool is big. 

Saturday evening’s addition is a must have for your thread. This little wax star was made by me. It will help you keep your thread from tangling. 

I’ve decided to add two items this morning. First is a plaid wool pin ball. This is a versatile yet compact pin cushion. Second is a vintage bodkin. Bodkins make running cords and drawstrings so much easier. 

The box is now full. Inside is:

  • A Vintage Bodkin
  • Plaid Wool Pin Ball
  • A Star Wax
  • A Vintage Spool of Thread
  • 2 Black Tailor’s Chalks
  • A Roll of Cotton Prints, period correct of course 
  • 2 Vintage Needle Packets
  • A Pair of Scissors in a Wool Holder
  • Of course the Box! 
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  1. Sounds like a great game but, $167?


  2. The number 167 was picked on my Facebook page.
    As I add things, the contents will exceed this amount if bought individually.

  3. Thank you! I received the package today! Feels like a Christmas present. So nice to get this sewing box of treasures!

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