Summer becomes Fall

How is it August 31st already??? 

I don’t have a summer review as I did last year. This was a summer of recovery induced “rest” and unfinished projects. But, it seems my mind did not rest as much as my body needed. I have quite the list of new projects on top of those currently in progress. 

UFOs & UFPs (Unfinished objects and projects):

  • To Net or Not to Net: Revisited (coming e-Book on hairnets)
  • Wintering Warmly (coming e-Book on winter hoods)
  • Evergreens at Twilight (a personal challenge in wool)
  • Six more straw pieces waiting
  • Clara’s silk crazy quilt
  • Ag Fair project A
  • Ag Fair project B

     Fall and Early Winter Projects 

    • A couple dozen winter bonnets
    • Strawberries?
    • Heart pin cushions?
    • Walnut and acorns?
    • Felting experiment 
    • Red wool basque 
    • Sheer white basque 
    • Clara’s”box spring”

    Workshops & Talks

    I am excited to announce this November, at the GCVM Domestic Skills Symposium, I will be leading Exploring the WorkboxTools and TrimsParticipants will learn how to reproduce trims for nineteenth century attire using period techniques and tools including pinking dies and pinking machines. 

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    1. Sounds like a good list to me. I think I should do the same thing.

    2. Please put your GCVM Domestic skills workshop on line! Lots of us here in the deep South that can’t manage to get to your workshop
      would love to see/hear it!

    3. Hi Judy,
      I don’t think the museum is planning to record the Symposium workshops. There are a lot of logistics to that.
      Separately, I have been looking into options for online workshops or tutorials. There are some things I need to do first to make that happen. (Space, technology,etc.)

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