Last Minute Black Skirt

10:00 Measure and rip skirt panels and waist band. Clean up tear threads that Clara will eat. 

10:20 Machine sew skirt panels. Discover walking foot does not walk wool well. 

10:40 Move bonnet block and clean washer so I can iron.

10:50 Iron waistband 

11:00 Begin gauging. 

11:24 Discover twill side and not side in brighter light. 

11:25 Rip all panels apart. 

11:26 Begin renewing panels lined up right by hand. 

12:14 Panels reassembled. Gauging begins again. (Considering weight of wool, wearing without cage, later wearing with cage: going with 38 front, 40 back.) 

12:45 Realize the hem tape is in the bottom drawer behind all the stuff moved to get to millinery stuff out. Only blue or burgundy. Error. 

1:52 Skirt set to the waistband. Need lunch before heading to the museum. 

3:00-3:53 Sew simple hem while waiting for Dan to nap. 

Clara cuteness:

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  1. Oddly, before FB distraction I generally made a new dress or something the week before most events. There have been a few all nighter dresses too.
    This skirt is because I can’t safely wear my corseted all weekend yet. So, it will go over the new petticoat support which holds my petticoats from my shoulders. I need to write about that.

  2. Glad I can be an inspiration.
    I will keep updating until it is finished. (I am awful at dress diaries. So, this may be it.)

  3. Ugh! So sorry, Anna! Sounds like you’re having my kinda week!

  4. I wish I could make a skirt that fast! Right now I’m working on a 1880s bustle dress and I have a one week deadline. AHH! Not even half done yet! But I’ll take this post as inspiration for getting it done quickly like you did! Thanks for posting!
    ~ Megan Joy

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