Millinery for “Mumford”

Next weekend is the Civil War event at the Genesee Country Village and Museum. That means this week is a crush week to be ready to set up the Millinery Shop and get myself into 1860s dress. Here are the millinery pieces i will be bringing to the event. I will be adding to this post as I finish pieces this week. 

In the spring, the plan had been to make a piece each week for the two events at GCVM, the 1812 and the Civil War event. Welo, that went out the window thanks to my organs. The new plan is to make as many of the oieces on the plan list as possible. 

The list?

  • Natural bonnet blocked on Serenity $×2
  • Black bonnet blocked on Serenity $
  • Green bonnet blocked on Serenity *$
  • Natural bonnet blocked on Galaxy *$ (didn’t get this far)
  • Coarse straw bonnet x2
  • Natural fashion hat*$ (didn’t get this far)
  • Black fashion hat *$
  • Copper soft crown bonnet*$ (will be working on)
  • Batwing soft crown (mine)
  • Sheer soft crown (mine)
  • Sunbonnets (mine)
  • Silk hood (mine) 
  • Wool hood (mine)
  • Wadded bonnet (mine)
  • Velvet headdresses $
  • Doll sizes 

Natural straw bonnet blocked on Serenity:

Black straw bonnet blocked on Serenity:

Green straw blocked on Serenity:

Black fashionable hat (I may decorate this one with red velvet.):

A second natural straw on the Serenity block:

*=Need to make/finish

$=Available for purchase after the event

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