Recovery Project E-pattern

Who knew a stone could cause so much trouble? My pesky, wandering stone not only wreaked havoc in my body, it has set me nearly a month behind in my straw millinery sewing with my hands still needing time. 
This little project is simultaneously meant to keep me from going stir crazy and giving mybuands an easy project, while the e-pattern will help fill the financial gap as I am way behind on sewing straw. 

My “Pillow Ball Pin Cushion” is patterned directly from an original 19th century pin cushion. Though, it can be made up as a modern pin cushion as well. Okay, let’s be honest. It would make an awesome cat toy with catnip inside. 
Thank you for considering purchasing. Please share with your friends. 

Pillow Ball Pin Cushion in my Etsy shop 

What makes the Pillow Ball Pin Cushion a great project??

  • This is a great project for the on-site sewing basket because you can talk with guests and not lose track of the squares. 
  • It is a historically accurate nineteenth century pin cushion taken directly from an original. 
  • While it is a historic pin cushion, it can be made with fun modern fabrics as well. 
  • The little pillows are great for learning and practicing a small running stitch.
  • This project is perfect for a small swap between friends. 
  • Filled with catnip and sewn extra strong, this would make a great cat toy.
  •       Make several for your favorite cat rescue! 
  • This can help you use up even your smallest stash scraps. 
  • The small sewing is pretty easy on the hands. 

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