Ribbon Blog Update and Top Ten

First – Ribbon Blog Update

Did you know there is an off shoot of this blog that focuses just on Ribbons?   There is.

This weekend a friend asked me where to find a particular piece I wrote on ribbons. Her question caused me to open the ribbon blog that is an off-shoot of this one. Ack! It was a mess to make sense of on my tablet.

After seeing that…. I did a massive update with significant rearranging. The first page readers will now see is a table of contents. My hopes is this will work more like a mobile, interactive book, that people can consult as they need.

Find the site here:

Millinery Ribbons – 19th Century Swatch-book


Second – A Question

This question sorta stems from last week’s post about running out of space. I would like to make a page for new readers, highlighting the top ten “Must read” posts and pages.

What posts or pages do you wish everyone would read?

Add your must read favorites to the comments below.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing so much wonderful information to those of still learning so much! My top must read topics include historical sewing /fashion information and techniques, and lifestyle /material culture information for the CW period.

  2. Thank you. Do you have any specific post from my blog you would suggest new readers read?

  3. I’m sorry it took me a bit to respond…..I had to go back and look for specifics! : Resources for Life, Their Life Their Words, To Net or not to Net, Shawl Resources, any of your millinery examples/ discussions…..straw or winter hoods, Fanciful Utility,……almost everything really. Except perhaps the doll discussions to be honest…..

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