Decisions Must Be Made

IMG_0021editIn 2009 I transitioned from my old “Geocities” website to this WordPress blog platform. Eight years and 1,300+ posts later…. I am almost out of space.

A decision must be made regarding the future of my writing. The options are:

  • Wrap this blog up as I use up the rest of the space. (I think that would be about halfway through 2017.)
  • Delete early posts and generally write less.
  • Move to another free blog address, or
  • Start a new blog with a different spin, a new chapter of sorts.
  • Pay for the upgraded version of WordPress. This would allow for enhanced features including videos. (Please know I am currently not making any money off of what I write, neither here nor for any magazines.)

What will help me in my decision:

  • What have been your favorite blog posts or types of blog posts? What haven’t you liked so much?
  • Do you read just what is current, or do  you go back and read older posts?
  • What do you want to see more of?
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  1. I wouldn’t go with the option to write less if you enjoy the writing! I read pretty much every blog post but I haven’t gone back too far to read them all. Not saying that that wouldn’t happen. I just haven’t had the time.

  2. I love your current format! I read your current blogs and as a newbie, I do read your older ones. Can this one be “frozen” so it can accessed if you started a new blog?

  3. When I first found your blog, I went back and read almost everything, and still read the “related” links. And your other stuff. So yeah, I like your writing. Love the doll and bear posts, they remind me of something Tasha Tudor might have done if she’d been a bit younger and blogged.

    Anything sewing related, re-enacting related…I enjoy it all.

  4. I enjoy your posts and agree with Shelley Reetz and hope this one can be “frozen” or preserved if you need to start another blog elsewhere! Maybe you could put a link to this blog from the new site? I especially enjoy the sewing posts, such as the sewing and needle cases, pincushions, etc. I also enjoy anything about the period clothing. I periodically go back and re read your older posts.

  5. I agree with Shelley and Liz, it would be a shame to lose what you have shared in your research and teaching on the things you are passionate (or not so passionate!) about. I enjoy everything you write about historical sewing, re-enacting, your wonderful millinery (of which I own a good bit!) and the needle cases and pin cushions. I have your books and patterns and appreciate your talent so very much. I do go back and read older posts, and like reading your posts of period writings or advertising. Thank you for sharing with us all. I hope you find a way to keep doing so!

  6. I am a new reader of your blog, and I very much appreciate your writing about historical sewing, tools, millinery, and re-enacting. I have gone back to read earlier blogs and hope that they don’t get “lost” in whatever transition you decide to make. Thank you so much for what your have shared.

  7. I ran out of space last year… and decided to just pay for more. Deleting old content was too sad and time consuming a process (because of course I’d want to save it elsewhere).

    Personally, I read mostly current posts, but will certainly refer back to your excellent research when needed. I love seeing your beautiful creations and reading the story-like excerpts that you find. Also interesting are your other research related millinery posts.

    I hope that whatever you decide, you’re still sharing with us!


  8. Has your likelihood of posting more photos changed since you paid for the more space? I found in this past year I have second guessed posting some photos and excluded some because space.

  9. I paid for the up grade.

    For me, the cost was nominal and painless. The freedom of being able to post what I want as much as I want was well worth the cost. It is like switching from a box of 8 crayons to a box of 64. More creative freedom. They remind you when it is time to renew so no stress there.

    I do not run a business like you do. But it seems to me that you run the risk of loosing followers if you switch over to another blog. And for you, that translates in to loosing potential customers.

    As a blog reader, I do go back to a bloggers beginnings to read what they wrote because I like to see how they progressed over time and I like to learn what they learned 10 years ago. It is frustrating when there are deleted photographs.

    I also remember reading something on someone’s blog that answers a question that I am having and I would be frustrated if it was gone because the blogger deleted it to save space.

    My blog is like a cloud. I’ve had my computer crash and I’ve lost photographs from outings and such and Facebook and my blog still had those lost photographs.

    And finally, I use my blog like a diary. I make entries that chart my progress, my ideas, my skills learned and successes and failures. Even the bad boring posts are holding a moment in time. To delete posts (unless you truly ashamed of them) is like ripping pages out of a diary…they are lost for all time.

  10. When I first happened upon your blog I did go back and read your early posts, I love the posts about sewing and creating historic items I love the sew along you did in 2016 even though I wasn’t able to post pictures of my finished items. I will also be very interested in a sew along for 2017. I would buy more space and continue as you have been.

  11. My only comment is that maybe save the picture posts of your completed hats on your etsy page. I own one of your straw bonnets and saw it here but I think by only posting them on etsy would save a lot of space. Only a suggestion, viewers. Please don’t crucify me.

  12. Yes, I do think harder about what photos are really worth including, but that trend started before I started paying, partly because I knew I was running out of space. Now I just think about it more in terms of what really tells the story best for each post vs. what is superfluous. I think it’s a natural reaction.


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