New Year…. New Projects

As 2016 closes and 2017 begins, we all have new projects rolling around in our heads.


Projects Anew

The much neglected dress length stash, adventures in millinery,

I have a shy dress length of black tropical weight wool. While a reform dress or “bloomers” ensemble is very tempting, I keep envisioning wearing something like this done up in black wool and this pretty pink silk that was gifted me.

I was gifted a dress length of brown tropical wool from my Husband for Christmas. The insane temptation is something like this, with the black wool trim and soutash. There are far simpler options, such as this sacque/petti combination that would push the length of the wool, or….

I rediscovered a dress length of blue semi-sheer silk with paisley motif in November. I have to decide what to make with this. I do think it will be an earlier nineteenth century dress.

My own personal headwear often gets neglected. On my list for a couple years has been a replacement corded sunbonnet. I also want a couple caps that are suitable for when I am doing demonstrations in the village.

I am working on a pictorial wool rug using an early 19th century sewn technique. I plan to have this done by fall. It makes use of the needlework frame rescued from the end of the driveway this summer.

I know some are wondering about Sew Alongs. I am pondering a couple for the slower parts of the year. Among the ponderings… an apron?, a pocket?, a cap?. 

Stemming from one of 2016’s Sew Alongs, I want to make a pence jug . I can document one done in crochet, as mine will be. I have an incredible pair of handcrafted rings from a friend for another long purse as well. 

I will transition part of the fabric stash into a box, bin or something for Lily.

Shop Projects

The bolt of black silk has been waiting patiently. I am considering putting together a quilted petticoat kit. (two people have already asked for it if I do.) It could also make a few nice quilted shawls, either in finished or kit form. (SHOP)

I need to decide on whether to make something from the other silk bolts or to sell lengths/yardage. I can see some nice kerchiefs and fichus. 
Projects Continuing
Projects delayed, projects procrastinated, projects of length, projects to dig further into….


At the very top of my continued project list is learning more techniques for straw. I really enjoy making the leaves from split plait. You may have seen that I was trying to learn to make straw stars and ornaments for the Christmas tree. Those fussy little things told me how much there is for me to learn. Hopefully, this will lead to some unique straw millinery this year; unique, yet accurate.

I have a growing stash of silk net, cotton net, silk gauze and silk net laces all waiting to become veils. I will be working from the originals I own and this pin board of originals to create accurately shaped veils for both hats and bonnets. The vast majority of these will be for display and presentation. A few may find new homes. I hope to do further work on the  materials comparison for light control.


I plan to finish lining and accessorizing the Shaker boxes early this winter. This will hopefully fit nicely in between winter and spring millinery. I really had hoped to have these done for Christmas 2016.


I’ll continue to dabble in recreating pin cushions. I was so pleased with how interested museum visitors were with the strawberry emery cushions, I would love to do something similar for the village this next season. Plus, I hope to have a great announcement or two in this area for you this year.

Picture1The slippers of last spring…. They will be finished …. at some point. It is silly they are so low on the priority list. Yet, they take up half of a project tote.




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  1. You have some wonderfully ambitious plans! I always enjoy seeing your projects.

  2. Your list of projects rivals mine, and I draw inspiration from your aspirations! Huzzah!

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