After a Chat with a Bat

Climbing through an old barn with more stairs than I’ve ever seen is not where I expected to find myself after work today.

But, I did.

Mom texted me.

I stopped.

I ventured into the first room to find a $300 pretty and a $500 pretty. Too pricey for me.

I ventured up a set of stairs, wobbly stairs to a rather dark space. At first I saw a small rope bed that would have been great it a tent. It had a sold sign. As I walked further, I began to step quite carefully. At one point I thought “If I fall through, don’t drop the phone.” How else would I call for help?

That is when it dawned on me. Where is everyone? I carefully climbed back down the stairs, that were of course lined with glass pieces. I could hear the voices. I followed the sound up a narrow, maybe 18″ wide set of steep stairs.

Oh, my.

Four rooms of stuff. Oh, the stuff.

I wandered. I photographed. I saw a pretty. I saw an underpriced Louis Vuitton. I saw a knight. I saw pottery. I saw gaming tables.

I saw a bat. He was just waking up. He wasn’t as happy that humans were in his home. I said hello and told him to go back to sleep.

Then, I went back the pretty. I negotiated. I rarely negotiate.

Home I came to wash up my pretty….

Let’s back up before we go forward.

Do you remember how I dressed the Insurance Office as a Millinery last July? When people came in to try on bonnets and hats, I realized I didn’t have a mirror. The reflection in the desk’s glass simply was enough. I thought about bringing my small Federal wall mirror. But, I didn’t want to bring an original glass and I didn’t want to hang something that heavy. I needed a tabletop looking glass.

I had something like this or this or this or this in mind. I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too valuable or significant.

…. back to today. The pretty.

Call it a cheval glass, a dressing mirror, a shaving mirror, a breakfast mirror….. it came home with me…. for the price of a couple pizzas, maybe less.

I like the dark wood that has a nice shine and hint of red now that I cleaned it up and polished. I really like the curve of these arms. (I must look up what they are called again.)

It has the cutest little feet and a simple drawer.

It is not perfect, nor entirely original. The glass is not original. It is a modern piece that slides in the top with a back panel. The front on either side of the drawer has been repaired. You can see the amateur mend. On the underside, there are supports tacked in. I also need to fix one piece around the mirror.

I need to take up close looks at the inside and do a some research for the dating. The drawer has dovetail joins that appear to be done by hand. But, some of those pieces don’t show much age. So that may also be a repair.

I am quite happy. It does seem much bigger now that it is home on the living room floor. To go to events, it will need it’s own secure box.

Clara particularly likes it. 



This is a bulkier, miniature toilet mirror similar in style to mine.

This one has similar arms and feet.

This one has several similar construction aspects.



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  1. Nice Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! Good Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! I’m sure Pretty will honorably serve you for many years!! Congrats!

  2. Very nice. Mark built one for himself years ago. It sits on his dresser with miscellaneous what-nots for his historical clothing. I love it.

  3. Very Nice! Maybe the bat brought you good shopping luck?

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