Fall Project List

Okay, technically this is more a a belated fall and early winter project list.

Projects you will see in the shop:

  • Check silk winter bonnets, Plaid silk winter bonnets, Solid silk winter bonnets (three patterns this season)
  • New Winter Bonnet Pattern
  • A couple more Shaker style sewing boxes to line
  • A sewing box to line and make a tray for.
  • TLC a nice slope for someone
  • A few pin cushions tbd
  • Christmas items tbd
  • Try new Doll scale idea (surprise)
  • Finish S’s set before the workshop (So I can send her the growing box of things)

Projects for me, gifts, etc:

  •  Evergreens at Twilight
  • Research Pence Jugs for a crochet project. Possibly swap silk threads for this.
  • Crochet new wool muffetts for work
  • Finish the slippers (well, maybe, as I have lost interest in this project)
  • Make Clara a cute Christmas dress based on her halter vest.
  • Finish Cali’s dress that was started last spring
  • I am considering making myself a modern fleece version of one of my winter bonnet patterns.
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