Ag Fair 2016

We just got back from the year’s Agricultural Society Fair. I am rather cold and tired. So, this will be brief. Be sure to see my post on Velvet Vegetables, my whimsical entry that I find of. 

Several of my entries did not fit in categories. 

My play on a horticulture category.

My beaded crochet purse.

A sampling of millinery in miniature.

I also entered a couple millinery pieces. Here is a simple quilted bonnet made with a brightly colored silk. 

My batwing soft crown bonnet, which bows to Anneliese’s incredible cap.

A corded pumpkin bonnet in a mini check silk. 

I made lavender wands for the first time since Grandma died.

Mom entered an assortment, again not as many. 

I took a couple videos this year. (I added a YouTube channel.)

Horticulture tent part 1:

Horticulture tent part 2:

Domestic Skills entries:

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  1. You both did very well with placing. The bread is definitely making me hungry. I don’t think my lavendar survived this year. Maybe next year I can make a lavendar wand. I wonder if a person could make one with rosemary? Everything looks lovely. Congratulations!

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