When Strawberries become Radishes

Generally, we like to share our pretty successes, to show off our most recent beautiful creations, to fill our posts with fabulous photos of fabulous work.

This post….. not so much.

A couple weeks back, I was looking at the Premium Book for the Agricultural Society Fair. I thought it would be nice to enter a simple needlework pincushion, set in one of the silver rings I have. I had the wool left from the now missing spring pin ball.I wanted a design that would play off of the round cushion. This pin ball, with its four faded strawberries caught my eye. I thought with my blue and grey threads, the berries would look more like raspberries. I rather like raspberries.

The needlework took a couple nights, sewing before bed. I worked each quadrant separately to get the shape of the berries right. The embroidery was the easy part. Getting the depth and fullness of the core was the fussy part. 4 times fussy.

In the end, the pincushion stuffed….. I was not happy. The berries looked more like radishes. I found that rather humorous. That was not the problem. The problem was how white showed through the black stitches. I hadn’t figured for the stitches pulling away from each other when wrapped around the dome of the pincushion. I just do not like the look.



I think I want to find a different ring, a wider one that will allow the needlework to lay flatter, not pulling the stitches apart. I will be keeping my eye out for a 3″ wide, 1-1.5″ deep ring to make the change.





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