Pirates and Parrots 

Thanks to a combination of layed emotional stress and the wonders of Facebook’s “events near me” we found ourselves at a small, one day Pirate event. 

This event, with its quick whit and crass humor emphasized how I am very much not quick, nor whitty and, I am sure I missed much of the humor. I do have to say they had some great hats. 

You are probably wondering why I am telling you about this event. 


We were watching the raising of the colors, each hand painted. The band of pirates rolled into an impromptu scene about the name of their ship. (That quick whit I mentioned) A family with a three year old pink fleece parrot came by. Of course the pirates caught sight of the parrot with great excitement. The whee little parrot was hesitate, as a whee little parrot ought to be. The band of pirates backed away, redirecting, as one pirate softly addressed the wild parrot. From about ten feet away, she quietly asked “may I” of the parrot, coming halfway down to the parrot’s height. With the half smile and nod, the pirate approached the parrot. She did not come straight on. She kneeled down, to the side of the parrot, about a wing span away. She continued to talk with the whee parrot , the parrot responding . She likely gave that whee parrot a memory she will hold for many years. 

This approach to a young visitor was so nicely done on both the group and individual level. When I talked with the pirate afterward, I expected to hear she was an early childhood or special education teacher. Neither was the case. She has just done this for a long time.

And… I just accidentally pressed the publish button. I owe you the photo of the the pirate and parrot. 

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  1. What a cute story! We have a lot of rabbit, from baby to full grown, and I talk to them all the time. I don’t get down on the ground at their level though because I know I’d have a hard time getting back up! I also talk to the hummingbirds and other birds who happen to be nearby. I even talked to a frog who was on my patio once. Surprisingly, the rabbits don’t run unless I make a loud or sudden noise or come towards them. Usually they sit and watch me while they continue to munch on grass and clover.

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