Fall To Do List

Yes, technically autumn does not start until later in September. But, as I am on a NY school schedule, my summer is coming to and end, school and fall starting. This means a shift in how much time I have to sew and what I will be working on. This is what I have in mind right now:

  • Line and fill the Shaker style sewing boxes
  • Build a tray and tlc the sewing box we picked up
  • The fuzzy Ag Fair project 
  • The hodge-podge Ag Fair project 
  • Finish the miser purse
  • Doll millinery 
  • A certain white bonnet
  • The small one’s straw hat
  • Put a major dent in the wool stash for winter millinery 
  • Utilitarian apron for straw demos that will hold straw as I sew. (May become a winter/spring project) 
  • Find homes for the doll shoes
  • Alter my corset like I should have in July. 

Btw, this switch means the sewing room has to be re organized and re tidied for the fall focus. 

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