Summer Lists

This summer…..

Letchworth State Park’s new nature center


Leroy House

Jell-O Museum 

Sonnenberg Gardens 

Maid of the Mist 

Genesee Country Village and Museum (of course)

16 Regency chapeaux and bonnets

28 Victorian hats

16 Civil War era Vctorian bonnets

1 1550s hat

2 late Victorian hats

1 late 1700s hat

1840s bonnets blocked on my original block

Thousands of yards of plait. 

Sale finds: Bolts of silks, 1840s bonnet block, three great chairs, a Vaill folding chair, fun teapot, spool spinner, that sinner’s “gold mine”

This that didn’t happen this summer:

  • A hair cut. Must still do. 
  • A major sun incident. Happy dance. 
  • A significant amount of writing. 
  • The straw art pieces I wanted to do. 
  • My daisy hat. 
  • Rose Hill Mansion 
  • Buy a house (dreaming) 

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