Today’s Millinery 

I haven’t decided if I am selling this one. I love the shape and the color. I fear I put too much sizing on the $40 of plait causing it to lay flat almost decoupaged like. It is still pretty damp thanks to the incredible humidity. 

Because the plait is both wide and nearly body-less, I worked this one over a pre-blocked lining base. I was pretty happy with how the lining shaped and held. I was trying to recreate a lighter version of willow. I wanted to mimic the originals I have seen without having an bonnet that collapses flat.  I liked how it came out, other than the creases from the plait that didn’t work out from how it came. That is where I possibly used too much sizing. It also did not help that a furry feline seems to have stolen the spray bottle. 

I shall see what happens when it is completely dry. 

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