Millinery for the Millinery at GCV this weekend 

I have an assortment of millinery I am bring with me to display a the the Genesee Country Village this week for their Civil War event, where I will be setting up a millinery in the insurance office. 

  • A wide brim hat appropriate for recreational or dress reform impressions.(shown with a lace veil)
  • A larger crown fashion hat.
  • A smaller fashion hat that may also fit a child.
  • A decorated soft crown, fancy plait bonnet.
  • A fashionable bonnet with decorative plait.
  • A plain spoon bonnet.
  • A cottage bonnet.

Each of these millinery pieces will be available following the event. I have yet to decide which I will be decorating during the event. 

I will be dressing the shop in all sorts of millinery goods, band boxes, ribbons, veils, veil pins, etc. I’ll be available for millinery consultations. 

I will also give a talk in the Gallery on millinery selections from the Susan Greene collection. Time to be determined. 

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  1. Your work is exquisite, as always! I am so, so, so looking forward to seeing your millinery set up!! (And I’d love to sneak away to hear your talk…) How exciting!!

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