I Shall Call Her Galaxy


Yes, Galaxy.

Because, when my new, original bonnet block arrived Clara was instantly fascinated. She kept trying to lick it. So, I covered it with a blanket. Next thing I knew, she was curled up with it; guarding it.

…..Guardian….. Guardians of the Galaxy…..

Thus, Galaxy.

Now, what you really want to know is about the block.

At first, the seller’s photos didn’t tell much. We could tell it was a bonnet block.(I asked a trusted millinery friend.) We thought is might be an 1820s block.

Once I had it out of the box, it was saying 1840s. This 1840s plate of bonnets came to mind. The shape of the crown and brim seemed like a near match. The tip was what was different, round verses flat.

I have to admit, I was a bit bonkers, kid in a candy candy shop the first few days it was here. I really wanted to test it out. Since I don’t work with woven straw, I didn’t have a straw hood laying around to block. Luckily, when I went to order more color straw, she had a closeout Toyo hood for me to test on.


If you think watching paint dry takes a while, watching Toyo takes longer. Here are the untrimmed results.


After cutting, Clara inspected.


At first, I thought it was small. I laughed thinking my luck was to get a child’s bonnet block. Then I out it on. Small was not the case.


The plait version will get rows of plait around the bottom edge. It is taking tremendous self control not to jump into making a bunch of bonnets with the block right Now. But, I really have to focus on the pieces for the CW event that weekend after next.

Btw – I am discovering I can block a few other shapes on this block.

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  1. Very nice madam! It’s great you have such a conscientious staff. Just watch out for raccoons ;-).

  2. How exciting!!!

  3. How wonderful!

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