Regency Straw Demo part 2

Be sure to catch the previous two posts to see which millinery pieces were on display and photos of the day. This is the post where I am overly honest and real.

Things I learned yesterday:

First, and foremost, Regency era reenactors are awesome. Seriously, the people I met and chatted with yesterday were so nice and polite and cheerful. Okay, so, it may just be that I am new to them and an outsider. But, it was so nice.
Second, the petti and shortgown combo is insanely comfortable. When I put it on in the morning, I asked myself why I didn’t do this earlier. If I were to compare it to my mid century clothes, it is like being in my underwear. I felt light and mobile. (Not that my CW clothes were not very flexible, functional and workable when I was fit and workable.)
About my dress…. the straps are a must. I was counting on my torso fluff to keep it in place. While I have plenty of curve in the front to keep the petti up in the front, that is not the case in the back. Slip. Slip. Slip. I even managed to bend some pins in beautiful shapes. Linen tape acquired.


The kerchief…. I felt rather silly at home trying to figure out how to wear this thing. I can wear a fichu or an elongated diamond kerchief of the mid century, but this simple square baffled me. Being new from the package, it was full bodied, almost starched. It kept wanting to stick up in the back. Here I am giving it a try again.image

Chairs… We’ve been talking a bit about chairs locally. So, I thought this observation would be amusing and useful. The chair at the kitchen table was a pretty painted yellow one. When I went to sit down, I found it was much lower than I was accustom. At first, I thought this would be good for my short legs. Then, I found I kept sliding. Basically, the slope of the back and the curve of the seat was causing my butt to slide forward in the chair. It was not a posture that worked for sewing. It may have worked for reading if I had a foot stool. Luckily, I was able to use a dining room chair. It had a flat seat and straight back.
image image

Carrying in… I need a bag I can put over my shoulder. I don’t know if that is a market bag or just a bag with larger straps. In either case, it needs to be very utilitarian. I also have to decide on taking the tall stands. While they are definitely suitable for the millinery impression, I am iffy about them for this cottage industry. Though, they make it very easy to see the pieces. The catch is, they aren’t easy to pack and carry. While I do have a bag they lay in, it would have been much easier to throw a few heads in a bag tossed I’ve my shoulder.

I need to sew more bonnets.

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  1. So I have to ask, where do you find your kerchiefs? I love this one and have been unable to find anything like it locally.

  2. This was Burnley and Trowbridge. I had the hardest time picking which one. I like the one I got so much. It is doing double duty as a photo backdrop.

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