Recency Era Straw Demo

Photos from today’s War of 1812 & Jane Austen event at the Genesee Country Village. All photos by Lily Phelps. (I will add another post on the day soon. I wanted to share these photos as some friends are asking.)

I spent the day I the kitchen of Foster, the building Grandma quilted in for so many years . I hadn’t realized previously what a nice breeze this space has. It was very nice to work in . It also gave lots of space for people to gather in.


You can see the millinery pieces I made just for this demo. I built the top of a crown while I was there. It is now blocking in my kitchen. It will be one of the tall crowns like the one on the head form.


This is the dress I made rather last minute. When I put it on this morning, I asked myself why in the world didn’t I make and wear this sooner. It is ridiculously comfortable; exceptionally so compare to mid century.



Side note: I am often surprised by my fluffiness when I see photos of myself. This is true with these. While I really like the photos and the look of me in this dress, it is a nudge to do better on the fluff control. Additional walking must be integrated into the routine.

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  1. You look charming. I especially like the bonnet with the black ribbon. Could I commission one of those?

  2. Thank you.
    I may start taking commissions once school is over. I do plan to make more of that shape already.
    The ribbon is actually a dark blue. It is a Hendler ribbon, so thick and lush.

  3. Regency is one of the eras I “play in”. I have several bonnets, but would love another to complement my new gowns for this year’s Jane Austen festival in mid-July. A simple black ribbon trim would work well. I must be careful with proportions since an over-tall bonnet can look like a lamp shade atop my head.

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