Sew Along – Slipper – Oriental Slipper

Oriental Slipper



In the front of the number we give a beautiful pattern, printed in colors, of an Oriental Slipper. The materials are 14 inches of black cloth; 1 3/4 yards each of broad silk braid, deep amber, scarlet, and white; a small quantity of bright cerise, blue, amber, and white filoselle; 1 skein each of sewing-silk, black and bright cerise; 4 rows of steel beads, No. 7; few chalk beads; a small piece of blue and bright cerise cloth for the pines.

Trace on tissue-paper the three outlines for the braid, tack this on the cloth, and tack over this, through paper and cloth, the three different braids, and tear the paper away. Now cut out two pines the exact size of those shown in out colored design, one blue, and the other bright cerise, and notch the edges. Tack the pieces in their proper places, and embroider.

There are but two stitches employed, (with the exception of a few dots in the pines,) the herring-bone stitch and coral-stitch. All the braid is fastened down with the simple herringbone stitch, and the design running between the braids is composed of coral-stitch. The braid is put on with the sewing-silk, and the coral stitch is worked with filoselle split to make it sufficiently fine.

The pines are kept in their place by a row of coral-stitch, plain stitching, and two steel beads fastened between every notch. The other ornaments on the pines are embroidered in white, black and blue silk. To the blue piece two small rounds of black cloth are attached, fastened on with white silk and white beads.

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  1. Oh wow…gorgeous.

    One of my long-term projects is an Alabama Chanin dress..long-term because I couldn’t decide on how to embellish it. I might use this. Thank you.

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