Sew Along – Slippers

For the third Sew Along of 2016, we will be making slippers!

Slippers can be wonderful for wearing in a historic house, warming the feet on a chilly morning or letting the feet relax in the evening.

There are numerous styles to choose for slippers:

  • Quilted silk
  • Embroidered
  • Berlin Work
  • Applique

Here is a resource page to get you started on your slipper project planning.

Options for soles can include:

  • Soft leather
  • Sole leather
  • Painted canvas
  • Canvas

My Slipper Project:

IMG_2364I already have two pair of quilted silk slippers. The first is a comfy blue pair with canvas soles. I think I was in NM when I made these.

wpid-2012-10-07-14.11.06-1.jpgThe next are the green slip-on quilted silk. These were made a few years back. The originals, in a beautiful red, are in the Buffalo-Erie Historical Society.


I know I want to make a pair other than quilted. But, I don’t know which. Part of me wants to do a Berlin work style, or at least some type of needlework. Patriotic styles appeal in this case.


I also have a dense black wool that would be oh-so-warm and comfy. These would work nicely for an applique pair. I’ll be sharing a couple of those ideas next.

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