Sew Along – Slippers – Sources


Pinterest board for the Slippers Sew Along.

Treasures in Needlework, by Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Pullan, 1855.

  • Turkish Slippers (knit) page 203
  • Harlequin slipper page 441
  • Melon-pattern slippers  page 347
  • Slippers in Oriental embroidery page 141
  • Slippers in beadwork page 343
  • Slippers embroidered page 58
  • Slippers braided page 215

Peterson’s Magazine —  Just a sampling:

  •  Embroidered Slipper, 1856 page 110
  • Slipper with applique velvet, 1857 vol 31 page 79.
  • Braid work baby slipper, 1857 vol 31 page 184
  • Braided slipper, 1857, vol 31, page 245
  • Slipper with embroidered flower (on a counted grid) front matter 1858.
  • Crochet bedroom slipper, 1858, vol 33, page 60

Godey’s Lady’s Book

 Antique Pattern Library

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  1. I would like an indoor slipper. Since I cannot knit or do Berlin work embroidery will have to do. So, what do I do this design on? Linen or cross stitch fabric? Basically how do I get started?

  2. For embroidery, it seems linen will be the base fabric for an all over pattern. That is what I will be using. For some embroidery designs, cloth meaning wool is mentioned. You could also embroider quilted silk.

  3. Applique on quilted silk?

  4. I think I pinned it.

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