Leaves of Straw

For I don’t really know how long I’ve been playing with the idea of making my own decorative straw. As you’ve seen, I started shaping straw plait into decorative designs for the edges of bonnets and hats.

A few weeks back, I ordered straw splitters, straw and straw threads. They arrived but I didn’t let myself play with them, trying to focus on a few millinery pieces. Tonight, I finally made my very first leaves:

While they are not perfect, I am pretty happy with them. I think they are rather cute. (I also tried to make a flower with the antique threads. That didn’t go so well. I will need to learn a lot more about flowers.)

What will I do with these? Put them on hats and bonnets of course. (I may also try some ornaments for Christmas. But, those will go up on my other blog.)

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