Research that makes you whine like a child for ice cream

Yep. That is what I am doing right now. Whining like a child. Okay, ice cream would be good too. But, look at this, here.

This is a transcription of an advertisement in a February, 1813 New Orleans Gazette offering a millinery subscription for a new hat for every Sunday. (Either a second transcription or a transcription of another advertisement can be seen here.)

To the Public

A New Hat Every Sunday for Thirteen Dollars a Year.

The subscriber has the honor to inform the public that he has opened a subscription for persons desirous of having a new hat every Sunday, the dampness and dust of this country is very injurious to hats and but few can keep a clean hat more than 15 days.

This has determined the subscriber to make such a proposition to the public, no person can keep a hat longer than 15 days, and they will be answerable for, all kinds of damages out of shape, stains and all other accidents, and the hat, if it or , found the lining is in any way injured another will be put in at the expense of the wearer. This especially will be kept with the greatest cleanliness and the punctuality, which will be observed induces to hope for its success. This list is limited to a certain number and as a number of persons have already subscribed, but a few will now be admitted.

E. Porte – Hatter

No. 11 St. Louis St.

The whine: I have so many questions…..

I want to see the original.

Is this for men’s hats or women’s? The advertisement is signed “hatter” indicating men’s hats. But, it is cataloged under millinery indicating women’s hats.

Is this more like a library subscription? Borrow and exchange?

Did they take the hats in and just clean them? or did they remake them if they were women’s hats?

Was there any connotation socially to participating in this type of subscription? Did people recognize the hat they wore last month?

Did subscriptions like this appear in other areas?

Was this financially viable for a hatter or milliner? Did the subscriptions cover the cost of new hats, cleaning, remaking?


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