Where Will I Be This Season?

I am admittedly being cautious entering this season after last summer’s sun incident. I am sticking close to home. Luckily, close to home is one of the best historic villages in the country.

May – How is it May already? Really? I need to double check with Mom. But, I think we’ll be visitors for opening weekend at GCV on Mother’s Day. Btw, I just receive the May GCV newsletter that announced a new interim-CEO, Becky Wehle, granddaughter of founder Jack Wehle. How exciting for the 40th anniversary! Also for the anniversary, the Gallery has an excellent new exhibit called “40 and Fabulous.” Stay tuned for why I’ll be spending more time in the Gallery. Also, the museum has joined the Blue Star Museum program, inviting active duty military and their families to the museum for free.

June – I will be demonstrating the cottage industry aspects of straw millinery at GCV during their War of 1812/Jane Austen weekend. I can be found on Saturday in the Foster-Tufts house on the village square.

July – There’s no place like the Genesee Country Village for the 4th of July. Their Independence Day celebration is a lifelong favorite. I’ll be picnicking and enjoying the festivities. For the GCV Civil War weekend, aka “Mumford”, once again I will have my millinery impression. This year I can be found on the village square in the Insurance Office right next to Ward Hovey. The rest of July will be my little sister’s graduation and going away party.

August – I’m not sure what I’ll do for August. There is a little event in the suburb I work in, that I used to enjoy doing with Lily. It lands on her birthday weekend. I don’t know if I’ll want to do that event or not.

September – I may do an immersion event. While immersion events aren’t a big interest for me anymore (I love talking with visitors), it will be a nice event.

October – tbd

November – The Domestic Skill Symposium…. I can’t say much because nothing is official yet.


To-do list by July:

  • Millinery sign
  • Lots of band boxes with proper paper (okay, 3 more would be nice.)
  • A couple more hat stands or heads (have half of each)
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