I am having such indecision…. choosing which era…. choosing which fiber….

I want a garment appropriate for interpreting straw sewing in.

In one thought, I am picturing the white/grey/black large scale plaid linen that has been in the stash since I was considering it for a travel impression, paired with a pretty white with black windowpane. Linen should be comfortable and breathe. This would be cut for an 18-teen to early 1820 demo.

But… then….

I need honest thoughts on this long shortgown. It is not a US garment. It would look fabulous in this swoon worthy fabric shown to me. Friesland. Empire-jak met lange schoot en korte mouwen van bedrukt katoen met groene en witte strepen en strakke donkerrode florale banen  Vervaardigingsdatum:	1820 - 1824  Afmeting:	lengte: 91.0 cm  Materiaal:	katoen:

For something for the 1850s, I would need to stick to cottons or wools. I suppose I could use the dark green and brown plaid that has been sitting in the stash for all too long. This would need to be a sacque and petti that matched. Elizabeths Dress fabric



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  1. I would do the linen…. but then again, I love linen. I like the short gown in the picture too.

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