Today’s Millinery

Written about as Clara Rose watches geese and squirrels on the other half of the screen.

Look for this hat in my Etsy Shop.

This straw hat has a high crown and moderate brim. The crown and brim lift in a curvy “V” at center back. I rather love this look. This shape can be worn tilted back as the end of the 18th century rolls into the early 19th.

It may also be worn flat, showing off the back flare. Worn this way, this style could be used for other eras/impressions as well.

This hat shows the true nature of straw. The plait has three tones, darkest on top and lightest in the brim. This variation was all in the same hank. I didn’t notice it in the dimmer light of the livingroom where I was sewing. I did notice it in the brighter light of the kitchen as I blocked and sized it.


This hat comfortably fits my average size head both tilted back and flat on my head.

The numbers you’ll want to know:
Inside the crown is 20″
Side to side – 12″
Crown height – 4.5″
Brim depth – 3″ on sides

Some of the inspiration:

L to R:

  • Watercolor, by Anne Frankland Lewis (from A Frolic Through Time)
  • Miniature by Louis-Lié Périn-Salbreux, circa 1790s
  • Honorable Lucy Byng by John Hoppner, late 18th c. (Frick collection – New York City, New York USA)
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